2008 was Emmerdale's thirty seventh year in production and this saw the final appearance of the last original character Jack Sugden. This was due to the actors bad health in real life. Sadly Clive Hornby died in July. Onscreen Shane Doyle was murdered by Jasmine and Debbie.

  • January, Alan Turner went on an extended holiday to Australia to visit Kathy.
  • 15 January, Samson Dingle was knocked down by Val Lambert in her jeep.
  • 21 Febraury, final appearance of Jack Sugden. He left the village to look after his ill mother in Spain.
  • June, Alan Turner returned to the village.
  • September, Diane referred to Victoria as The Beast Of Beckindale.
  • 1 December, Shane Doyle was killed by Debbie Dingle and Jasmine Thomas.

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