2006 was Emmerdale's thirty fifth year in production and an eventful year in the Dales with the murder of Terence Turner, the Kings River Home explosion and the murder of Tom King in December. This year saw the exit of Steph Forsythe.

  • January, Terence Turner returned to the village after 20 years and sister Steph claimed to their father Alan that Terence abused her as a teenager. Alan dismissed these claims.
  • January, Alice Dingle and Sam Dingle became the proud parents of a baby boy, Samson.
  • April, Terence Turner was killed in a fight between him, Steph and Dr Adam Forsythe.
  • April, Alice was told her chemotherapy was not helping.
  • 21 July, Diane and Val cornered Eric over his involvement with Dr Adam Forsythe over Terence Turner's murder.
  • 31 July, Sam Dingle helped his terminally ill wife Alice die by overdosing her on morphine.
  • 26 November, David Metcalfe first appeared.
  • 25 December, Tom King was pushed out of a top floor window at Home Farm and killed.

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