2005 was Emmerdale's thirty fourth year in production and this year saw the final appearance of Zoe Tate. Seth Armstrong died offscreen this year and the funeral saw the brief return of Kathy and Biff.

  • January, Charity left the village.
  • September, Zoe Tate leaves the village and goes out with a bang. She is acquitted of the attempted murder of Scott Windsor and fiddles with the gas taps at Home Farm on the day she leaves and the Kings move in. An explosion rips through the house as Tom, Jimmy and Max are stood outside. Zoe is last seen gloating in the back seat of the car she is in, driven by flunkie Callum.
  • October, Max King was killed when Robert Sugden and Andy Sugden crashed their car into his. Tom vowed for revenge. Jack Sugden made a ref to Jackie Merrick when comforting Tom about what it is like to lose a son.
  • November, Seth Armstrong's funeral was marked and his body buried in Verney's Woods.

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