Emmerdale titles seen from 1994 to 1998.

1994 was Emmerdale's twenty third year in production and we also saw the loss of two more original characters. Annie Sugden and her son Joe. Annie retired to Spain with Amos and Joe later joined them. This year saw the first appearance of Betty Eagleton and the infamous, notorious, yes you guessed it Dingle family.
  • January. The whole village was in mounrning and coming to terms with the plane crash. Looters, sightseers and journalists descended on the village. An inquest was held and the plane crashed due to structural weaknesses. Annie Sugden lay in a coma, and 9 villagers were dead including Leonard Kempinski, Archie Brooks, Elizabeth Pollard and Mark Hughes.
  • Frank and Kim Tate were reunited.
  • 10 February, Shirley Foster married Alan Turner.
  • March, 29th, Sarah Sugden went into labour and gave birth to a daughter Victoria Anne Sugden.
  • 12 April, Betty Eagleton first appeared.
  • April, Annie Sugden woke from her come to the cries of her new baby granddaughter.
  • April, Betty Eagleton, Seth Armstrong's old flame started a cleaning job at the Woolpack.
  • 7 May, Jack Sugden and Sarah Conolly were married.
  • May the village was renamed Emmerdale from Beckindale to mark a new beginning and as a tribute to the Sugden's who had farmed the land round the village for generations.
  • 7 June, Viv Windsor's ex husband Reg Dawson and a pal staked out the post office causing an explosion. They kidnapped Viv and then later Shirley and headed towards Home Farm. Shirley was shot dead by Reg. Reg's pal Colin gave himself up and Reg was shot dead by police.
  • June, Alan Turner was left devastated after Shirley's death. She was buried in Emmerdale Cemetery.
  • 4 August, the first appearance in the show from a member of the Dingle family. Ben Dingle. At a local rave Ben and a friend started a fight with Luke McAllister. Ben attempted to run Joe Sugden and Dave Glover over.
  • 11 August, final appearance from Joe Sugden.
  • August Ben died after the fight and Luke was arrested. After being slightly injured after saving Dave from being run over by Ben, that was the last straw for Joe and he left the village to live with his mother in Spain.

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